Inauguration of “Factoría CADE”

Last Friday, we gathered the entire CADE team to celebrate the inauguration of our new facilities in the business park Campollano de Albacete and internally present our “CADE Factory,” the materialization of our “Innovation Factory” concept. The innovation factory is a spacious area of over 1000m2 dedicated to the conception, development, and realization of advanced technological industrial solutions. A space where we will bring together clients, people, and solutions, and where we will showcase and demonstrate our vision of the intelligent industry of the future.
Facilities and offices designed for CADE’s development, engineering, and management teams to tackle the challenges of the current industry and society with ingenuity, creativity, enthusiasm, and excellence. These challenges include decarbonization, digitalization, sustainability, and competitiveness. A space that allows us to involve our clients closely and efficiently, right from the early stages of conceptualization and validation. Their problems and needs serve as the primary input in the development of our solutions.

The CADE Factory has the “cadelab,” an experimental and demonstrator laboratory for CADE technologies, equipped with:

  • High-tech pilot and demonstration plants – 2 plants for hydrogen and renewable gases using supercritical water gasification (SCWG) and a solidTES energy storage pilot. These plants are designed for the experimental study of technologies and their application to specific industrial processes.
  • Additive manufacturing and 3D printing centers – used for creating high-tech prototypes and parts – and robotic centers – both collaborative and industrial – that together form showrooms, showcasing the applied industry platform of the cadelab.

Furthermore, the CADE Factory also has a workshop, a space dedicated to the assembly, prototyping, and testing of solutions designed and manufactured by CADE for its industrial clients, following the concept of ASF (Agile Smart_Factory).

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