Supercritical Water Gasification technology for energy valorization and comprehensive environmental management of sewage sludge.

Zero discharge solution for urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Renewable gases from aqueous organic waste

Supercritical Gasification: A Versatile Solution for Renewable Gas Generation from Multiple Biomass Sources

By leveraging supercritical gasification technology, a wide array of waste types originating from industries, urban areas, and agriculture can be efficiently treated, resulting in the generation of valuable renewable gases.

This versatile technology serves as an effective solution for:

  • Industrial Sludge (e.g., from agri-food, chemical, paper, plastic, and pharmaceutical industries)
  • Urban Sewage Sludge and Digestates from WWTPs (Wastewater Treatment Plants) and Solid Waste Treatment Plants
  • Agricultural Sludge
  • Animal By-products

The ZeroSD Solution: Advancing Safe, Profitable, and Environmentally Friendly Zero Discharge through Supercritical Water Gasification (SCWG) Technology”

Safe, profitable, and environmentally friendly, the ZeroSD solution revolutionizes zero discharge practices by harnessing the potential of Supercritical Water Gasification (SCWG) technology. This innovative approach capitalizes on the remarkable properties of water under supercritical conditions, transforming organic matter from aqueous waste into a versatile range of renewable gases, including green hydrogen, biomethane, and carbon dioxide


How is it achieved?

It is achieved through high-pressure and high-temperature technology that promotes gasification reactions, where water acts as a reactive and medium agent, promoting hydrogen production and converting carbon into gas (above 90% efficiency). These conditions also facilitate the extraction of the inorganic fraction of the waste (such as nitrogen, potassium, or phosphorus, among others) which can be reused as fertilizers, contributing to the circular economy.

Water source?

The water comes from the waste itself since the process is focused on valorizing streams with moisture content ranging between 60-95%. Furthermore, the technology allows for the recovery and reuse of this water for other purposes, free from pathogenic microorganisms or microplastics.


Thanks to CADE’s innovative DNA and initiatives like ECLOSION, CADE has succeeded in developing its own supercritical water gasification solutions and technologies for the energy valorization and comprehensive/integral environmental management of sewage sludge from urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Demos are expected to be conducted in 2024, with the commercial launch planned for 2026.